At the Base of a Tree


The cicadas came when I was five
behind the school yard.
I put my finger on one
and then I picked it up
it was like a fig, dark and rough.

At five cicadas were interesting, like figs.

Now I am much bigger
friendly, the little goat nuzzles my shoulder with his warm snout
soft, we are alive, together easily.
And then I press my eyes shut
as I capture the insect that has invaded this carpet, which is mine
because I own it.

Sometimes I wonder how I can find my way back
from the pliant kid to the figs to the cicadas, captivated
with all their legs, their slick ribbed shells, all their songs enchanting
the school yard
all chirping and chirping tickling my ears until my ears overflowed with music
amid the crunching leaves and delicate wings
a symphony, a society, a universe blossom
after seventeen years of silence.

Sometimes I wonder
what we are afraid of
why we crush things, bugs and leaves and oceans and people
when I was five, I used
just one tiny finger
to say hello.



11 thoughts on “At the Base of a Tree

    • Thank you for reading and for the nice words Janet! Please share if you feel comfortable doing so, I am working on building a bit more of an audience for my blog šŸ™‚


  1. Beautifully done. You’re so right about our approach when we’re kids ā€“ we want to connect with all kinds of things, but we lose that as adults. You’ve given me lots to think about.


  2. Inspiring! … why we crush things, bugs and leaves and oceans and people. I often wonder that same thing. Thank you for sharing your insight and also for stopping by my blog. Have a beautiful day!


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