Apps and Bears: Summer CPD


Welcome to…da da da…Summer Professional Development!

Bethy is here and we are off on our summer training. Since 2016 we’ve been able to do this every six months, each time covering a different topic of relevance to primary oral health care in a rural Nepal environment. Our past CPDs have covered things like infection control, treatment of older adults, school-based oral health care, treatment planning, and first aid.

This time we’re covering three topics during the week: data entry in the new-and-improved DentalHub app; using Silver Diamine Fluoride for prevention (usually we use this to treat already-decayed teeth); and complications that can occur with extraction. 

I could jump in to the technical details of the week, but I think you’ll have more fun with the photos. It is such a blast to get everyone together and enjoy the way the Jevaia family has expanded and professionalized. Our week included 3.5 classroom days and 3 days of fieldwork. The field setting has become an organized, smoothly run environment that is undramatic and pleasant to be in. On the last day, four technicians stayed late to do their “viva” session, or a live question-and-answer interview that’s done annually for our competency certification. It was such a pleasure to see how engaged everyone was with this chance to be in a live testing (and learning) environment with a community dentistry expert.

And with that…I bring you Jevaia Summer CPD, 2019!